Congratulations To Our Company, Jason, For Obtaining A Large Order Of Copper Sulphate

Good news, congratulations to our employee Jason for obtaining an order copper sulphate from a  customer. The customer is a mining company in the forefront of beneficiation in the world, and the order amount is as high as 1 million US dollars. copper sulphate have widely usage in mining.

1.copper sulfate can dissolve inorganic surface adsorption films, for example, iron hydroxide film on the surface of pyrite. The inhibitory iron hydroxide film has the effect of adsorbing xanthate to trap pyrite.

2.due to the exchange or exchange chemical reaction, an activated film that is difficult to absorb is formed on the surface of the mineral, such as copper oxide to prevent the activation of the inhibited sphalerite,

3.It can inhibit the fatal effect of the neutral ion of the slurry, which is for the copper in the mine pool. The demand is huge.


Congratulations to our company, Jason, for obtaining a large order. we will definitely achieve greater development in the field of copper sulphate and serve more customers.

Our company has also fully summarized and shared the reasons for being able to obtain such a large order this time, and hope that our company's successful cases can give some experience and help to other salesmen of our company. The reasons for
our success are as follows .

1. We are a direct factory, avoiding intermediate traders to increase profits, and can give customers the most direct and most favorable price. In addition, our factory welcomes customers to visit and inspect the factory directly.

2. Our quality is very high. We send samples to customers in advance, which meets customer requirements. In addition, we assure customers that we will conduct 3 sampling inspections for each product shipped, and each batch of goods will be tested and certified by SGS.

3. We have personally visited the customer's company and brought our company introduction and products to show our sincerity and trust to the customer.

Post time: Jul-23-2021