About Us

Jinzhou city Jinchangsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.

Our company is a high-tech company. Founded in May 2006, the company has invested 100 million yuan and has more than 15 years of experience in the international market and manufacturing industry.


Jinzhou city jinchangsheng has its own research center and production base. The research center is located in the High-Tech Development Zone in Shijiazhuang, covering an area of 1000 sq. meters. The production base is located in the Jinzhou Industrial District of Hebei, covering an area of 66,700 sq. meters. and we also have 300 sq. meters and 10,000 level clean warehouse and established complete Quality Control system.

Based on the principle of "customer first, quality first", the company has established and improved the strict quality standard inspection system. With the mission " to meet the needs of global customers with first-class service" In addition to the ISO9001 certification system, the company also commissioned SGS testing and testing institutions to test the quality of our products with national standards as the benchmark.Jinzhou city Jinchangsheng passed ISO9001 certification in 2011, and established complete Quality Control system.We also own independent import & export permits.Our products are steadily based on the domestic market and exported to more than 100 countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East and so on.With a good attitude, We expect to continue to establish stable and mutually beneficial partnerships with companies home and abroad.

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Our Team

Now we are working in Shijiazhuang City and have 100+ employees to do export business. We have a lot of young employees, so we are always full of passion and innovation. Our employees are always looking and developing more customers. We are willing to share more message with our partners and do long-term business all over the world., and we are willing to use our best price and highest quality to support us and our customers in the best market and better development.


Factory Qualification

Jinzhou city Jinchangsheng Chemical Co., Ltd is establishment in May 2006, Jinchangsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. has an office in Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. Its production factory in Jinzhou City, Hebei Province. It has a population of 66,700 square meters. It has 2 presidents of and 60 senior product salesmen. nearly 600 professional production workers, 40 professional after-sales service team! We have our own production line. We produce and sell copper sulphate and zinc sulphate products by ourselves. We have 6 copper sulphate production lines with the capacity of 3000 tons per month and 4 zinc sulphate production lines with the capacity of 2800 tons per month.The main products are copper sulphate and zinc sulphate, which are important in mining, feed,agricultural and electronics.

Through many marketing channels, Jinzhou city Jinchangsheng      Chemical Co., Ltd. has maintained rapid growth in its products. The products are exported to Pakistan, Vietnam, exports, Egypt, South Korea, Israel, Harry, Australia, Cambodia, population, Brazil and other representatives, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore , Japan, India, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Hong Kong and more than 20 countries and regions. In 2018, it passed the ISO9001, SGS testing and inspection factory, providing customers with better price and high quality.

Customer Case

Our copper sulfate and zinc sulfate are widely used in mineral processing, feed and agriculture. We have obtained orders from customers in Southeast Asia, South Africa, Europe, the Middle East and other places. We have maintained long-term cooperation with our preferential prices and high quality. The number of customers and sales amount are growing rapidly every year. Last year, the export value of copper sulfate reached 9000W US dollars.

We not only increase our own business, but also help our customers save costs and obtain higher profits. At the same time, we use our high quality to help customers’ businesses,their market share has increased from 13% to 37%, and our customers’ businesses have also gained rapid growth.

We are willing to do our best and do all what we can to help customers develop and profit. It is our mission and responsibility to meet the needs of global customers with first-class services.

Customer Case

We have a 40 professional after-sales service team and quality supervision team. Our supervision process is as follows:

1. Before the product is produced, our quality inspection team will inspect the raw materials produced to ensure that our raw materials are safe and qualified.
2. In the production process, we have professional production workers who strictly follow the work process to production.
3. Our quality supervision team will also randomly sample and test our products during the production process.
4. After the production is over, we will sample and test the bulk goods again and issue a test report.
5. Before each shipment to the customer, the sample shipped by the customer will be kept, and once a dispute arises, it will be discussed and resolved together with the customer.
6. We accept the inspection of our factory and goods by SGS and any inspection agent.
7. We can promise customers that once the product fails to pass the test, we can return or refund the product.

Customer Evaluation

Therefore, our customers trust us very much, and they are very satisfied with their feedback. we often receive good news from customers.

"Jason, the quality of your product is so good, it fits our purpose perfectly"

"Jason, your shipment is too fast, it didn't make me wait for a long time"

"Jason, your service is so good, you can help me to design my packaging bag  free"

"Jason, I am willing to do long-term business with you, because you are very trustworthy"

Whenever we receive good news from customers, we feel very happy and proud. They are not only my customers, but also our friends.

Friends, if you also need my products, please give me a chance, you are my next friend!

Exhibition Pictures

Our company often participates in exhibitions in China and abroad to develop more customers and let them know and understand us more.


Certificates And Honors

Our company strictly respects Chinese laws and regulations, and has also won various supports and honors from the Chinese government.