• Sodium Carbonate ( Soda Ash )

    Sodium Carbonate ( Soda Ash )

    ● Sodium carbonate is an inorganic compound, also known as soda ash, which is an important inorganic chemical raw material.
    ● The chemical formula is: Na2CO3
    ● Molecular weight: 105.99
    ● CAS Number: 497-19-8
    ● Appearance: White crystalline powder with water absorption
    ● Solubility: Sodium carbonate is easily soluble in water and glycerol
    ● Application: Used in the production of flat glass, glass products and ceramic glaze. It is also widely used in daily washing, acid neutralization and food processing.

  • Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether

    Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether

    ● Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether has a weak ethereal odor, but no strong pungent odor, making it more widely used and safe
    ● Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
    ● Molecular formula: CH3CHOHCH2OCH3
    ● Molecular weight: 90.12
    ● CAS: 107-98-2

  • Anhydrous Citric Acid

    Anhydrous Citric Acid

    ● Anhydrous citric acid is an important organic acid, colorless crystal, odorless, with a strong sour taste
    ● The molecular formula is: C₆H₈O₇
    ● CAS Number: 77-92-9
    ● Food grade anhydrous citric acid is mainly used in the food industry, such as acidulants, solubilizers, buffers, antioxidants, deodorants, flavor enhancers, gelling agents, toners, etc.

  • Ethyl Acetate

    Ethyl Acetate

    ● Ethyl acetate, also known as ethyl acetate, is an organic compound
    ● Appearance: colorless liquid
    ● Chemical formula: C4H8O2
    ● CAS Number: 141-78-6
    ● Solubility: slightly soluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents such as ethanol, acetone, ether, chloroform and benzene
    ● Ethyl acetate is mainly used as solvent, food flavor, cleaning and degreaser.

  • Food Grade Glacial Acetic Acid

    Food Grade Glacial Acetic Acid

    ● Acetic acid, also called acetic acid, is an organic compound that is the main component of vinegar.
    ● Appearance: colorless transparent liquid with pungent odor
    ● Chemical formula: CH3COOH
    ● CAS Number: 64-19-7
    ● Food grade acetic acid In the food industry, acetic acid is used as an acidulant and a sour agent.
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  • Dimethyl carbonate 99.9%

    Dimethyl carbonate 99.9%

    ● Dimethyl carbonate an organic compound an important organic synthesis intermediate.
    ● Appearance: colorless liquid with aromatic odor
    ● Chemical formula: C3H6O3
    ● CAS Number: 616-38-6
    ● Solubility: insoluble in water, miscible in most organic solvents, miscible in acids and bases

  • Formic Acid

    Formic Acid

    ● Formic acid is an organic substance, an organic chemical raw material, and is also used as a disinfectant and preservative.
    ● Appearance: Colorless transparent fuming liquid with strong pungent odor
    ● Chemical formula: HCOOH or CH2O2
    ● CAS number: 64-18-6
    ● Solubility: soluble in water, ethanol, ether, benzene and other organic solvents
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  • Chloroacetic acid

    Chloroacetic acid

    ● Chloroacetic acid, also known as monochloroacetic acid, is an organic compound. It is an important organic chemical raw material.
    ● Appearance: White crystalline powder
    ● Chemical formula: ClCH2COOH
    ● CAS Number: 79-11-8
    ● Solubility: Soluble in water, Ethanol, Ether, Chloroform, Carbon disulfide



  • Dichloromethane\Methylene chloride

    Dichloromethane\Methylene chloride

    ● Dichloromethane An organic compound.
    ● Appearance and properties: colorless transparent liquid with irritating ether odor
    ● Chemical formula: CH2Cl2
    ● CAS Number: 75-09-2
    ● Solubility: slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether.
    ● Under normal conditions of use, it is a non-flammable, low-boiling solvent.
        When its vapor becomes high concentration in high temperature air, it is often used to replace flammable petroleum ether, ether, etc.

  • Maleic anhydride 99.5

    Maleic anhydride 99.5

    ● Maleic anhydride (C4H2O3) with a strong pungent odor at room temperature.
    ● Appearance white crystal
    ● CAS number: 108-31-6
    ● Solubility: soluble in most organic solvents such as water, acetone, benzene, chloroform, etc.

  • Isopropanol Liquid

    Isopropanol Liquid

    ● Isopropyl alcohol is a colorless transparent liquid
    ● Soluble in water, also soluble in most organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, benzene, chloroform, etc.
    ● Isopropyl alcohol is mainly used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics, fragrances, coatings, etc.

  • Propylene Glycol

    Propylene Glycol

    ● Propylene Glycol Colorless Viscous Stable Water Absorbing Liquid
    ● CAS Number: 57-55-6
    ● Propylene glycol can be used as a raw material for unsaturated polyester resins.
    ● Propylene glycol is an organic compound that is miscible with water, ethanol and many organic solvents.

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