• Sodium Formate 92% 95% 98% Cas 141-53-7

    Sodium Formate 92% 95% 98% Cas 141-53-7

    ● Sodium formate is one of the simplest organic carboxylates, slightly deliquescent and hygroscopic.
    ● Appearance: Sodium formate is white crystal or powder with a slight formic acid odor.
    ● Chemical formula: HCOONa
    ● CAS Number: 141-53-7
    ● Solubility: Sodium formate is easily soluble in about 1.3 parts of water and glycerol, slightly soluble in ethanol and octanol, and insoluble in ether. Its aqueous solution is alkaline.
    ● Sodium formate is mainly used in the production of formic acid, oxalic acid and hydrosulfite, etc. It is used as catalyst and stabilizer in the leather industry, and as a reducing agent in the printing and dyeing industry.

  • High quality Calcium Formate

    High quality Calcium Formate

    ● Calcium formate is an organic
    ● Appearance: white crystal or crystalline powder, good fluidity
    ● CAS Number: 544-17-2
    ● Chemical formula: C2H2O4Ca
    ● Solubility: slightly hygroscopic, slightly bitter taste. Neutral, non-toxic, soluble in water
    ● Calcium formate is used as a feed additive, suitable for all kinds of animals, and has the functions of acidification, mildew resistance, antibacterial, etc. It is also used as an additive in concrete, mortar, leather tanning or as a preservative in industry.

  • Potassium Formate Used For Oil Drilling/Fertilizer

    Potassium Formate Used For Oil Drilling/Fertilizer

    ● Potassium formate is an organic salt
    ● Appearance: white crystalline powder
    ● Chemical formula: HCOOK
    ● CAS Number: 590-29-4
    ● Solubility: soluble in water, ethanol, insoluble in ether
    ● Potassium formate is used in oil drilling, snow dissolving agent, leather industry, reducing agent in printing and dyeing industry, early strength agent for cement slurry, and foliar fertilizer for mining, electroplating and crops.