Reasons For Skyrocketing Sea Freight


Reasons for skyrocketing sea freight

Since October, Chinas export ocean freight has soared crazy!

I believe that foreign traders has paid special attention to the continuous growth of ocean freight in a shorter period of time, which has made some logistics-related industries worry about it. Now ,the price is accurately reported to the customer. but the shipping company will notify the price increase before the goods have been arranged to enter the warehouse. we agree that prices have risen, but it’s still difficult to get a shipping space. Even lifting an empty container has become an even more difficult thing.

Explanation, constant explanation, oh, I have experienced similar stories, I believe everyone understands.

So, why does ocean freight continue to increase? I have put together some simple reasons:

1.Since the outbreak of the virus, the demand for cargo transportation has decreased, and global shipping companies have suspended one after another, Large reduction in domestic containers.

2. Affected by the virus, foreign production companies have suspended work and stopped production in a timely manner to delay recovery, daily update of the outbreak report, the virus has not been effectively controlled, but domestic control and control of the virus successfully, the continuous domestic resumption of production ,  The total amount of living has greatly increasedIncrease in overseas trade exports.

3. Due to American selectivity and food demand, a large number of American users began to stock up.

4.Empty containers abroad cannot be returned to China in time, resulting in a shortage of containers in China

Regardless of other reasons,  From September to November of  every year, shipping will rise during the period, which will cause sea freight rise. but this year,the freight rate of China-US routes will increase by 300% . and India doubles and Europe also doubles.

But I believe that this abnormal state will not last for too long, there is bound to be a rapid fall back! 

Post time: Jul-23-2021