Best Price Tetrachlorethylene CAS 127-18-4

Short Description:

● Structural formula: C2Cl4
● CAS number: 127-18-4
● Appearance: Colorless liquid
● Solubility: Insoluble in water, miscible in most organic solvents such as ethanol, ether, chloroform, etc.
● Function: Mainly used as organic solvents, dry cleaning agents, solvents for adhesives, degreasing solvents for metals, desiccants, paint removers, insect repellents, fat extractants, and organic synthesis.

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Technical indicators

Commodity ethylene tetrachloride Standard GB/T 6818-1993
Items Index Result
Appearance Transparent liquid,no suspended impurities Qualified
Chromaticity/Hazen,(Pt-Co) ≤ 15 10
Density (20℃)/(g/㎝3) 1.615-1.625 1.623
Content % ≥ 99.9 99.9
Evaporities ≤ 0.002 0.0012
Water % ≤ 0.01 0.0018
PH 5.0-8.0 7.58
conclusion Excellent Grade

Product Use Description

1. In industry, tetrachlorethylene is mainly used as solvent, organic synthesis, metal surface cleaner and dry cleaning agent, desulfurizer, heat transfer medium. It is also an intermediate for the production of trichlorethylene and fluorine-containing organic compounds. Ordinary residents may be exposed to low concentrations of perchlorethylene through the atmosphere, food and drinking water.
2. Tetrachloroethylene has good solubility for many inorganic and organic compounds. Such as sulfur, iodine, mercuric chloride, aluminum trichloride, fat, rubber and resin, etc. This solubility is widely used as metal degreasing cleaning agent, paint remover, dry cleaning agent, rubber solvent, ink solvent, liquid soap, degreasing of high-grade fur and feathers.
3. Tetrachlorethylene dry cleaning is still dominant in the world at present. The use of tetrachlorethylene can efficiently and safely clean clothes. It has low solvent consumption and emissions, can be recycled repeatedly, and has good safety performance.
4. Tetrachlorethylene is also an anthelmintic drug, which is effective for treating hookworm infection and killing hookworm duodenum and American hookworm.

Product packing

Packing 20'FCL
Drum,300kg/drum 80drum,24tons


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