Formic Acid

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● Formic acid is an organic substance, an organic chemical raw material, and is also used as a disinfectant and preservative.
● Appearance: Colorless transparent fuming liquid with strong pungent odor
● Chemical formula: HCOOH or CH2O2
● CAS number: 64-18-6
● Solubility: soluble in water, ethanol, ether, benzene and other organic solvents
●Formic acid manufacturer, fast delivery.

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Technical indicators

APPEARANCE Colorless&transparent liquid
COLOUR INDEX (Pt-Go) ≤ 10 10 10
FORMIC ACID, % ≥ 85 90 94
DILUTION TEST(sample+water=1+3) Not cloudy Not cloudy Not cloudy
CHLORIDE(AS CL_),% ≤ 0.002 0.002 0.0005
SULPHATE(AS SO42_),% ≤ 0.001 0.001 0.0005
IRON(AS FE3+),% ≤ 0.0006 0.0006 0.0006
EVAPORATION RESIDUE, % ≤ 0.006 0.006 0.006

Product Use Description

85% industrial Formic acid is one of the basic organic chemical raw materials, widely used in pesticide, leather, dye, medicine and rubber industries.The Chemical Formic acid products can also be used as a metal surface treatment agent, rubber auxiliary and industrial solvent.
1. Pharmaceutical industry: caffeine, analgin, aminopyrine, aminophylline, theobromine, borneol, vitamin B1, metronidazole, mebendazole.
2. Pesticide industry: Fenmeining, Triadimefon, Tricyclazole, Triazole, Triazophos, Paclobutrazol, Uniconazole, Insecticid, Dicofol, etc.
3. Chemical industry: calcium formate, sodium formate, ammonium formate, potassium formate, ethyl formate, barium formate, dimethyl formamide, formamide, rubber antioxidant, pentaerythritol, neopentyl glycol, epoxy soybean oil, epoxy Soybean oleate octyl, pivaloyl chloride, paint remover, phenolic resin, pickled steel plate, etc.
4. Leather industry: leather tanning agent, deliming agent and neutralizing agent.
5. Rubber industry: natural rubber coagulant.
6. Others: It can also manufacture printing and dyeing mordant, dyeing agent for fiber and paper, treatment agent, plasticizer, food preservation and animal feed additives, etc.

Product packing

Formic acid
Formic acid
Packages Quantity/20’FCL without pallets Quantity/20’FCL on pallets
25kgs Drum 1008 Drums, 25.2MTS 800 Drums, 20MTS
35kgs Drum 720 Drums, 25.2MTS 480 Drums, 16.8MTS
250kgs Drum 80 Drums,20MTS 80 Drums, 20MTS
1200kgs IBC 20 IBCs, 24MTS /

Organic formic acid packed in HDPE drums.Drums are tightly sealed and all drums are up to date.The shelf life in this sealed form is two years.
Quantity/20’FCL palletized

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I want to know the formic acid price,how long can I get your feedback?
We will reply you within 1 hour in working days, within 6 hours after work.
How can I get some samples of formic acid?
We are pleased to send you free sample, the delivery time is about 2-3 days.
Do you supply formic acid only?
No, in addition to formic acid, we can also supply acetic acid, Propionic acid, nitric acid, ethyl acetate, methyl acetate and so on.
Where is your company located? Can I visit you?
Our company is located in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China Mainland.
All our clients, from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to visit us!
What is the delivery time?
15 working days normally, delivery date should be decided according to production season and order quantity.

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