Ethyl Alcohol 75% 95% 96% 99.9% Industrial grade

Short Description:

● Ethanol is an organic compound commonly known as alcohol.
● Appearance: colorless transparent liquid with aromatic odor
● Chemical formula: C2H5OH
● CAS Number: 64-17-5
● Solubility: miscible with water, miscible with most organic solvents such as ether, chloroform, glycerol, methanol
● Ethanol can be used to manufacture acetic acid, organic raw materials, food and beverages, flavors, dyes, automobile fuels, etc. Ethanol with a volume fraction of 70% to 75% is commonly used as a disinfectant in medicine.

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Technical indicators

Ethanol Anhydrous 75%
Item Specification Test Result
Ethanol (% vol) ≥ 70%-80% 75.40%
Appearance Transparent liquid,no suspended impurities Transparent liquid,no suspended impurities
Character No impurities, no precipitation No impurities, no precipitation
Odour With the inherent aroma of ethanol With the inherent aroma of ethanol
Ethanol Anhydrous 95%
Item Specification Test Result
Appearance Colorless clear liquid Qualified
Odour No abnormal odour No abnormal odour
Taste Pure slightly sweet Pure slightly sweet
Colour (Pt-Co Scale) H.U 10 max 10
Alcohol Content(%vol) 95 min 95.6
Nitric acid test color(Pt-Co Scale) 10 max 9
Oxidation time/min 30 37
Aldehyde (acetaldehyde)/mg/L 2 max 0.9
Methanol/mg/L 50 max 7
N-propyl alcohol/mg/L 15 max 3
Isobutanol + Iso-amyl alcohol/mg/L 2 max /
Acid(As acetic acid)/mg/L 10 max 6
Cyanide as HCN/mg/L 5 max 1
Ethanol Anhydrous 99.9%
Item Specification Test Result
Appearance Colorless clear liquid Colorless clear liquid
Purity ≥% 99.9 99.958
Density(20℃) mg/cm3 0.789-0.791 0.79
Mixing test with water Qualified Qualified
Residue on evaporation≤ % 0.001 0.0005
Moisture≤ % 0.035 0.023
Acidity(m mol/100g) 0.04 0.03
Methyl alcohol≤ % 0.002 0.0005
Isopropyl Alcohol ≤ % 0.01 ——
Carbonyl compound≤ % 0.003 0.001
Potassium perman-ganate ≤ % 0.00025 0.0001
Fe ≤ % —— ——
Zn ≤ % —— ——
Carbonizabiles Substances Qualified Qualified
We can add 5PPM bitters to the ethanol,so we can also provide denatured ethanol.

Product Use Description

Ethanol has a wide range of uses in the chemical industry, medical and health, food industry, agricultural production and other fields.

1. Medical supplies
95% alcohol can be used to wipe the UV lamp. This kind of alcohol is commonly used in hospitals, but it is only used to clean camera lenses in households.
70%-75% alcohol can be used for disinfection. If the alcohol concentration is too high, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the bacteria to prevent it from entering the bacteria body, making it difficult to completely kill the bacteria. If the alcohol concentration is too low, bacteria can enter, but the protein in the body cannot be coagulated, and the bacteria cannot be completely killed. Therefore, 75% alcohol has the best disinfection effect.

2. Food and beverage
Ethanol is the main component of wine, and its content is related to the type of wine. It should be noted that the ethanol in drinking wine is not ethanol added, but ethanol obtained by microbial fermentation. Depending on the type of microorganism used, there may be related substances such as acetic acid or sugar.Ethanol can also be used to make acetic acid, beverages, baked goods, candies, ice cream, sauces, etc.

3. Organic raw materials
Ethanol is also a basic organic chemical raw material. It can be used to produce acetaldehyde, acetic acid, ether, ethyl acetate, ethylamine and other chemical raw materials, as well as solvents, dyes, coatings, flavors, pesticides, medicines, rubber, plastics, and man-made fibers. , Detergent and other products.

4. Organic solvents
Ethanol is miscible with water and most organic solvents, and is widely used as a solvent for organic chemical reactions and adhesives, nitro spray paints, varnishes, cosmetics, inks, paint removers and other solvents.

5. Automobile fuel
Ethanol can be used as a vehicle fuel alone, or it can be mixed with gasoline as a mixed fuel. Add 5%-20% fuel ethanol to gasoline to make ethanol gasoline, which can reduce air pollution from automobile exhaust. In addition, ethanol can also be added to gasoline as an antiknock agent to replace tetraethyl lead.

Product packing

Packaging Quantity/20’FCL
160KGS Drum 12.8MTS
800KGS IBC Drum 16MTS
Tank Drum 18.5MTS


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We are a trade company and we have our own factory.

How do you control the quality?
We control our qualiy by the factory testing department. We also can do BV, SGS or any other Third-party testing.
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T/T or L/C.
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Usually is Qingdao or Tianjin (Chinese main ports)

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