Beneficiation Grade Copper Sulfate

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The beneficiation use of copper sulfate. The role of copper sulfate as the main activator  of metal floats is to form a film that promotes trapping on the surface of minerals and

dissolve the inhibitory film on the surface of dissolved minerals.

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Copper sulphate



 Copper sulphate(CuSO4·5H2O),w/% ≥


As,w/% ≤


 Pb,w/% ≤


 Fe,w/% ≤


 Cl,w/% ≤


Water insoluble substance,w%≤


PH(50g/L solution)


Product Application

The beneficiation use of copper sulfate. The role of copper sulfate as the main activator of metal floats is to form a film that promotes trapping on the surface of minerals and dissolve the inhibitory film on the surface of dissolved minerals. Due to the chemical reaction of exchange contact or displacement, an activated film that is difficult to dissolve is formed on the surface of the mineral.

Product Introduction

Copper sulfate plays an important role in the mineral processing industry. There are many different methods for beneficiation, such as electrical separation, bacterial beneficiation, and gravity separation. The use of copper sulfate for beneficiation is a kind of chemical beneficiation method. Copper sulfate mainly acts as an activator in metal flotation. It forms a film that promotes the role of collector on the surface of minerals. The role of copper sulfate in the beneficiation industry is as follows:

1. Inhibitory film on the surface of dissolved minerals

2. Due to the chemical reaction of exchange adsorption or displacement, an insoluble activated film is formed on the surface of the mineral.

3. Eliminate the harmful effects of inhibitory ions in the slurry

Product Packaging

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What’s your production process?

Production flow chart is available. See annex.

How long is the normal delivery date of your products?

The daily capacity of copper sulphate is 100 tons, zinc sulphate is 200 tons. We can deliver one container of goods within a week.

Does your products have the MOQ? How many tons?

The MOQ of copper sulphate is 10 tons, zinc sulphate either.

What’s your total capacity?

The annual capacity of copper sulphate is 35,000 tons, and 60,000 tons for zinc sulphate.

What is the size of your company? What is the annual value of production?

We have copper sulphate plant and zinc sulphate plant. The plant of copper sulphate covers an area of 20,000 m2, and 66666.7 m2 for zinc sulphate plant.

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