Electroplating Grade Copper Sulfate

Short Description:

Copper sulfate is used in the electroplating industry for sulfate copper plating and

wide-temperature full-bright acid copper plating ion additives to prevent metal oxidation,

improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity, corrosion resistance and

enhance aesthetics.

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Technical indicators



CuSO4·5H2O w/% 


As w/% ≤


Pb w/% ≤


Ca w/% ≤


Fe w/%


Co w/% ≤


Ni w% ≤


Zn w% ≤


Cl w% ≤


Water insoluble matter % 


pH value (5%, 20 ℃)


Product Description

According to the production conditions and different requirements, the content specification of copper sulfate is 200~250g/L, 210~230g/L, or 180~220g/L. If the copper sulfate content is low, the allowable working current density is low and the cathode current efficiency is low.

The increase of copper sulfate content is limited by its solubility, and with the increase of sulfuric acid content in electroplating, the solubility of copper sulfate decreases correspondingly. Therefore, the content of copper sulfate must be lower than its solubility to prevent its precipitation.

Copper plating solution configuration method

First dissolve the calculated amount of copper sulfate in 2/3 of the configured volume of warm water, when the copper sulfate is completely dissolved and cooled, slowly add sulfuric acid under constant stirring (adding sulfuric acid is an exothermic reaction), static plating solution and filter , After adding the specified additives, the trial plating is qualified and it can be put into production.

Product Use Description

The application of copper sulfate as a solution in electroplating can effectively prevent the occurrence of pinholes, sand, blackening, mold and other faults in copper plating, and ensure the uniformity of the thickness distribution of the plate during electroplating and the deep plating ability for deep holes and small holes , And assist in improving the electrical conductivity, ductility and tensile strength of the coating.

Advantages of copper sulfate electroplating

(1) Copper sulfate plating provides gloss from high current density area to constant current density flow area.

(2) Copper sulfate coating has rich ductility and excellent leveling effect, which is widely used as the basis of decorative coating.

(3) The current efficiency of copper sulfate electroplating is almost 100%, and it can be electroplated with high current density

(4) Electroplating bath management and drainage treatment are easy.

(5) The internal stress of the copper sulfate coating is small and the coating is soft.

(5) The conductivity of copper sulfate plating is excellent.

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