Propylene Glycol

Short Description:

● Propylene Glycol Colorless Viscous Stable Water Absorbing Liquid
● CAS Number: 57-55-6
● Propylene glycol can be used as a raw material for unsaturated polyester resins.
● Propylene glycol is an organic compound that is miscible with water, ethanol and many organic solvents.

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Technical indicators

Propylene Glycol For Industrial Use
Test items Quality Index Test results
Premium Qualified product
Acidity (as acetic acid), w% ≤0.010 ≤0.020 0.001
Chroma, Pt-Co shade ≤10 ≤15 <10
Moisture, w% ≤0.10 ≤0.20 0.086
Appearance Colorless viscous transparent liquid, no visible impurities
Density (20℃), g/cm³ 1.0350~1.0380 1.0350~10.400 1.0361
1,2-Propanediol, w% ≥99.50 ≥99.00 99.884
Grade Premium


Food Grade Propylene Glycol
Test items Quality Index Test results
Color Colorless Colorless
State Clear, viscous liquid without sediment and suspended matter Clear, viscous liquid without sediment and suspended matter
Propylene glycol content, w% ≥99.5 99.95
Initial boiling point, °C ≥185 185.2
Dry point, ℃ ≤189 188
Relative density (25℃/25℃) 1.0350—1.0370 1.0355
Moisture, w% ≤0.20 0.038
Acidity, ML ≤1.67 0.78
Ignition residue,w% ≤0.007 0.0019
Lead (Pb), mg/kg ≤1 Not detected
Grade Qualified product


Propylene Glycol USP Grade
Items Unit Specification Results
ldentification --­­ Passed
Appearance --­­ Colorless clear viscous liquid
Assay % 99.80min 99.91
EG ppm 50max N.D
DEG ppm 50max N.D
Residue on lgnition mg 2.5max 0.6
Chloride Weight % 0.007max <0.007
Sulfate Weight % 0.006max <0.006
Heavy metals ppm 5max <5
Specific Gravity(25℃) ­­-- 1.035-1.037 1.036
Acidity(0.IN NaOH) ML 0.05max 0.02
Moisture Weight % 0.10max 0.049
Fe ppm 0.1max N.D
Color Pt-Co 0.10max <10
IBP 184 186
DP 189 187

Product Use Description

(1) 1,2-Propanediol is an important raw material for unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, plasticizer and surfactant. This unsaturated polyester is widely used in surface coatings and reinforced plastics.
(2) 1,2-Propanediol has good viscosity and hygroscopicity, and is widely used as hygroscopic agent, antifreeze, lubricant and solvent in food, medicine and cosmetic industries.
(3) In the food industry, 1,2-propylene glycol reacts with fatty acids to form propylene glycol fatty acid esters, which are mainly used as food emulsifiers; 1,2-propylene glycol is an excellent solvent for condiments and pigments. Due to its low toxicity, it is used as a solvent for spices and food colorings in the food industry.
(4) 1,,2-Propanediol is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry as a solvent, softener and excipient for the manufacture of various ointments and ointments, and as a blending agent, preservative, ointment, vitamin, Solvents such as penicillin. Because propylene glycol has good mutual solubility with various fragrances, it is also used as a solvent and softener for cosmetics, etc.
(5), 1,2-Propanediol is also used as a tobacco moisturizing agent, a mildew inhibitor, a solvent for food processing equipment lubricating oil and food marking ink.
(6) The aqueous solution of 1,2-propanediol is an effective antifreeze. Also used as tobacco wetting agent, mildew inhibitor, fruit ripening preservative, antifreeze and heat carrier, etc.


Measures for safe handling: Avoid inhalation or contact with this product. Use only in ventilated areas. Wash thoroughly with water after handling or use.
Conditions for safe storage: Although this product will not ignite spontaneously, it is combustible. Long-term storage will not deteriorate, but the opening will absorb moisture. Storage and transportation containers should be made of galvanized iron drums, aluminum or stainless steel. Storage and transportation according to general low-toxicity chemical regulations. Avoid contact with water and humid environment. Tanks must be kept clean, dry and free of rust. It must be stored in a place with a wall, ventilation, and protection from the sun, open flames and other heat sources. Nitrogen sealing is recommended for large storage tanks (with a capacity of 100 m3 or more). Keep container tightly closed. Keep dry.
Storage temperature: up to 40°C

Product packing

Propylene Glycol18
Propylene Glycol (2)
215kg drum, 80 drum, Total17.2MT
22-23MT Flexibag
1000kg IBC, 20IBC, Total 20MT


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